Saturday, September 21, 2013


We are just starting to teach inferring.  I am going to use  many of the same lessons and materials I used last year.  If you want to see what that is, you can find it all HERE.

I did make a few other things to use this year with my lessons.  The kids love the little flip books we make and add to our reader's notebooks, so I made some to use with our lessons.

I made a general flip book to use with our read-alouds.
I love to teach the inferring lessons using poetry.  I always use this book:

Beast Feast
by- Douglas Florian
I made this little flip book with one of the poems from this book.  I removed the title so the students would have to find the clues and infer what animal the poem is about. (by the way, in case you need it...the title of the poem is The Whale) :)
I also made some inferring activities for stations using QR codes.  Students check their answers by scanning the QR code.  I think this is my favorite...they will love this!
Here's a view of a couple of the QR codes in this download:

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