Sunday, October 21, 2012

Inferring With Poetry

In my class we have been working on inferring for a couple weeks.  This week we had a great time making inferences using poetry.  The class LOVED it...and so did I! 

I didn't come up with this awesome idea....I got it from Debbie Miller's book, Reading With Meaning.

I started the lesson by reading a few poems from this book:

Beast Feast
I love this book!  I use it throughout the year to teach different reading concepts...inferring is one of them.  This book has short poems about animals.  I read the poems to the class, but leave out the name of the animal and keep the picture of the animal hidden.  They had to talk with a partner to infer what animal the poem was about.  They also had to tell me what evidence they heard in the poem to support their inference.  We had a GREAT time with this!
Then, we moved on to our inferring with poetry page.  I demonstrated how to use the poem to underline clues and write possible guesses.  Then, the students were given their own poem to make inferences on their own.  This was also a big hit!
Here is the poem we practiced with.  (I wrote my examples for you to see.)
Here are several other poems to infer with. 

I also made one poem with a word bank to help out my inclusion students. 
 Here is the modified version:
Here are a few other inferring things we used in class and added to our reader's notebooks:


These are the words to the inferencing song by Tanny McGreggor.