Monday, May 22, 2017

End of the Year Read-Aloud Activities

At the end of the year I love to read aloud all the fun little stories I have sitting on my shelf.  Here are few of my favorites with a couple fun reader's response activities to go with them.

Media Literacy

It is really hard to find resources to teach media literacy to K-2 students!

If you have a subscription to Brainpop, they do have an excellent video about media literacy.  You can find it HERE.

Another great resource is media smarts.  They have several videos about media.  You can find them HERE.

After introducing media with these videos, we made flipbooks in our interactive notebooks that had all the media literacy notes we needed.  We also completed a couple sorting worksheets to review the concepts.

At the end of our unit we created posters and pamphlets to help to promote and sell our Market Day items.

You can download all the media literacy pages HERE.

Sequence This Story!

Teaching sequencing?  Here's a quick cut/sort page for the kids to practice this skill.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Nonfiction and Fiction Text Features

Looking for materials to introduce or review nonfiction text features, or to discuss how fiction is different than nonfiction? Maybe some of the resources I have listed below will be useful to you!

Here is a pre-assessment I used to see what the students already know about the features.  You can use this as a post-assessment as well!

After introducing the lesson and discussing each text feature, the students work in pairs to do a nonfiction text features scavenger hunt.  I give each of them a nonfiction text to hunt through and discuss what they find. They use the page below to write what they notice during the scavenger hunt.

I also created a couple games for the students to play in groups to review fiction/nonfiction text features.

Here is the nonfiction text features sort game board:

Click HERE to download the game.

Here is another game that allows the students to sort between a fiction or a nonfiction text feature:

Click HERE to download the game.

We also played a nonfiction text features pop-up game.  I read a definition and the students "pop-up" with the card that has the correct text feature name. 

I hope some of these resources will be helpful to you!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ballet Cat

Have you read any of the Ballet Cat books yet?  You really need to!  They are so great.  I read Ballet Cat, The Totally Secret Secret for World Read Aloud Day today.  The kids LOVED it!  They actually clapped when I was done reading.  I love it when that happens.

What a great book to talk about friendship and how to be a great friend.  This is a great beginning of the year book when you are setting up your classroom expectations and creating a classroom community. It's also a great book to read during the week of Valentine's Day too!

After talking about friends and how to be a good friend,  the kids completed these pages to draw and write about their ideas.

Now we CAN'T WAIT to get some more Ballet Cat books to read in class!  The class is anxiously awaiting this one....

And this one will also be on our reading list...

Sunday, January 22, 2017


I love teaching visualizing. There are so many great lessons that I do every year that the kids love.  This year I made a new lesson to test out in my class. I think it went pretty well!

We read the My Ice Cream Cone poem and highlighted the words or phrases that helped us create a mental image.  Then the students used their highlighted notes to create their mental images.  We compared our mental images and discussed how they were the same or different and why that might be.

We also discussed which words were the most helpful to help us visualize.  The class completed this cut and sort page of helpful/not helpful words.

What Color Is Camouflage?

What Color is Camouflage is a great nonfiction text to use in class for many different lessons.  I recently used it to reinforce main idea. We discussed the book and worked together to think of the important details in the story that supported our main idea.

Poetry Fun

We read a couple books in class to discuss rhyming stories.  We discussed how the rhymes came at the end of the sentence.  Here are the lessons I used with my class for this quick introduction to rhyme!

First, we read Rumble in the Jungle!  This was a class favorite! 

After discussing the book and the rhymes we looked at the book again to complete the rumble in the jungle rhyming page.

Then the kids chose their own jungle animal to draw and write a rhyming poem about.

Another fun rhyming book we read was The Caterpillow Fight.  

After reading the book, we worked together to find all the ending rhymes in the poem and added them to the caterpillar page.  Then, the students wrote their own poem.


I love Beekle and so do my students!  We recently read Beekle in class when we were discussing character traits.  I made a quick little lesson and page to go with the book.