Monday, July 16, 2012

Back To School Treat Bags!

I have been working hard to prepare for a great new school year.  (When I say working hard, I really mean searching Pinterest daily while laying on the couch.;)  Anyway, I love all the cute back to school treat bags and notes that other teachers have created for their students on the first day.  I wanted to do that too and share them here with you! I found quite a few pictures on Pinterest, but not a lot of printables to use with the ideas.  So I created some of them on my own. (Click on the title of the note to get the download.)  I hope you can use something from here for your own class!  Have a great first day of school!

Love this one...a great snack for the kids on the first day too.  I folded the note and stapled it to the ziplock bag.  So fast and easy! ( I also made a round note that you can punch and tie with ribbon to make it super cute. Click HERE for the round note.)

I love this one also!  Just add Lucky Charms cereal!

A bag of Starburst!  Yum!

I love the cute owl.  You could just put this on their desks with a pencil, or I made it with a bag of M&M's candy.

Add a pack of gum, or a bag of bubble gum!

A bag of gummy bears!

Add a glow in the dark bracelet or a highlighter!

I found sample pictures of  most of these ideas on Pinterest or examples at these websites:


  1. Jennifer,
    I really like these ideas.


  2. I just made cute glow stick ones! Very inexpensive at a price of $2 for 30 glow sticks!