Thursday, November 8, 2012

Writing Workshop: Publishing!

We have been working really hard this week on fixing up our stories for publishing.  I found myself saying the SAME thing over and over about everything they needed to do to publish their stories.  I decided we needed some anchor charts, AND a checklist so I wouldn't go crazy!

I started Here:
They worked with their writing partners to fix up their stories.

Some reminders of the things we have been working on in class!

Once they fix up the words,they start on the pictures and the cover for their published story.

These anchor charts are great, but the kids were still bringing me stories that didn't have everything we had discussed.  This is when the checklist came in!  They were very excited to use the "professional" checklist to help them stay on track while publishing....just like a real author.
When we finish publishing...hopefully tomorrow, we will have our publishing party and all the author's will get to share their stories!  My favorite day!

I also made this new conferencing chart to help me keep track of who I have met with and what they need help with.  I really like the bottom portion where I can take notes about future mini-lessons based on how many students need help and in what area they need help. So far this form is working out great!

Happy Publishing! 

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