Thursday, August 7, 2014

iPad Power with Menus!

Throughout the year in my classroom I introduced many apps to the class.  We used these apps at stations and to create final products for our research and personal writing.  After the class was familiar with the apps, I created some menus so they could choose the app they would like to use and sometimes even the culminating activity they wanted to complete. This was a big hit...especially with the GT group! 
Here are the menus we used and some of the extra resource pages that were helpful in getting their thoughts organized.




Here's one more menu that my husband made. Check out his blog HERE!
Here's a few pages that we used to organize our thoughts before creating the final project.
One more thing!! 
Here's a fun way to use the iPads right away on the first day of school!  I did this last year and it was a big hit! The kids pair up and interview a friend.  They use this page as a guide.  They use the Tellagami app to insert a picture of their friend and record the new facts they learned about them.  We shared them with the whole class when we were complete!

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