Thursday, September 17, 2015

Open House

I'm just stopping in to post a quick idea for open house, curriculum night or any other school event that brings visitors!  I did this for our open house last night. 

I had the students create a video about themselves using ChatterPix.  This is one of our favorite apps!

Students completed an introduction page just to get their thoughts in order.  Then, they took a selfie and recorded their introduction in ChatterPix!
Here's the page we used:


For open house, I linked our ChatterPix videos to a QR code so the parents could scan and watch when they came to school.  We put the QR code on a getting to know you page along with a student picture.

Here's my example. :)

Here's the page...


  1. Where did you save the chatterpix video so you could access it with a QR code? I made reports with QR codes a few years ago, but accessing and storing the videos became a challenge.

    Love the idea.

    1. I uploaded all the videos to YouTube. I used to create my qr codes. It has the option for a link to a YouTube video.

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