Thursday, March 24, 2016

My Favorite Book

I have been reading aloud chapter books to my kids all year and book talking many other books that I thought would be good for them as well. They are really getting into finding a good-fit book for them and sticking with it until the end. 

Today we took a minute to talk about our favorite books so far this year and even a favorite book from when they were younger.  I was impressed with some of their selections and their reasons explaining why they loved these books! 

I asked the kids to get their favorite book. I took a picture of them with their book and they wrote a little about it and why they liked it so much on a little poster page.  We found book trailers for each book on You Tube and linked them to QR codes to add to our favorite book poster. I really wanted them to create their own book trailers....but it is so busy right now!  Maybe after testing season! Later, the kids took an iPad and did a little gallery walk. They scanned the QR codes of the books they were interested  in and thought they might like to read.

Here are a few examples of the finished products:

Click below to download the page!

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