Monday, October 17, 2016


I have been so busy and haven't shared anything in a long time. Hopefully very soon I can post more often! Today, I thought I would share some genre things that I have going in my room.

I have a genre wall by my classroom library.  Every time I read a book in class or we use a text during a mini-lesson, we add a picture of the book cover to our genre wall. The kids discuss together what genre each book is and where we should add it to the wall. This always starts some great discussions!  These pictures are from the first few weeks of school. Our wall is going to be full!

If you want the genre categories to create your own genre wall....I made these simple signs...

I also created a few  activities to reinforce our genre lessons.

I put the game board together like this...

Students sort the book covers and lay them on the correct genre.

On this game, they match the genre category to the correct definition.

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