Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nouns ~ Verbs ~ Adjectives

We have been working hard learning about nouns and adjectives.  This week we introduced verbs... and now we are getting all these words confused! AHHH!  SO, now we are reviewing and sorting to keep it all straight!

Here's  a few things I came up with to help us out!
We started with adding some flipbooks to our writer's notebooks.


I also made a word sort for a little extra practice.


I also made this little pop-up game.  I play these all the time in my class...the kids love them because they get to "pop-up" and shout out their answers.  In this game, I divide the kids into teams.  Each team gets a set of cards that say- noun, verb, adjective.  I put the word cards in a bag.  I draw one card out and read it.  If they know if it is a noun, verb, or adjective they "Pop-Up" and shout their answer.  The person who shouts the answer first uses the word in a sentence.





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