Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Daily 5

I am new to The Daily 5, but very excited to get started with it. I read the book and did a lot of research online about it.  So many teachers that use it have shared their ideas and resources online.

Here are a few great sites that helped me get ready for the Daily 5:

(lots of great downloads on this site!)

I did create a few things that I am hoping will help as I start the Daily 5.  I created a teacher checklist that could be used to keep track of where each student is going during the Daily 5.  This seems really tedious, but I only plan to use it at the beginning of the year while we are still working on stamina.  On the chart I can mark off what station they have completed and see right away where they need to go.  Hopefully they will progess to doing this on their own and be accountable for going to all the stations.

As the students build stamina and are able to choose and move on to their next station on their own, I want them to be able to keep track of this.  I created this little slip of paper to take with them.  They can highlight the station they have completed and decide where they plan to go next. 

Along with the check-in page, students will have to view the classroom Daily 5 poster and  move their clip to the station they would like to go to.  Only a certain number of clips are allowed at each station.  Hopefully this will stop students from all running and hording at the same station! (Maybe.)  I ran literacy stations this same way in my classroom for a long time and it always worked for me.
I created these signs for the Daily 5 stations(a picture of only one is shown, you can see all of them when you download it).  Students will be allowed to put their clip on a dot.  When the dots are full, the station is full.

I have a Promethean board in my classroom and I often use it as a station for word work...but just in case I don't use it for a station this year, I created a flipchart where the students can keep track of the station they are going to and what they have left to complete.  This may be helpful right away at the beginning of the year while building stamina. 

I also LOVE this idea that can be created on the Promethean board.  I may create this flipchart instead...during all my free time. :)

I hope these ideas and resources help you out if you are planning to use the Daily 5 this year!  We'll see how it goes! :)

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