Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Monster Bookmarks!

I saw these super cute bookmarks on Pinterest this summer and wanted to make my own!  I had my 8 year old and 6 year old make a few as examples. It was easy! (even though I had to redirect my 6 year old a few times when he thought it looked like a  bird and his paper was flying through the air, or when it started to look like a monster and he made it jump around and growl.  Boys.)  Anyway...they loved it!  I can't wait to try this out in my class.  It would be great to add to their bookbags!

I made the bookmarks by just folding, but there is also a template you can use instead.  Here's how we folded:

We used a square piece of paper 6 inches x 6 inches.  You can use any size.

Fold it into a triangle.

Fold the points to the top.

Then you open it up again and fold down the top point.

Last, you fold up the points and tuck them in.

You are done!  You can decorate it any way you like!

So cute and fun!  Love these!

If you would rather use the template-here's the link!


  1. Very Cute- wish I would have come across this yesterday! We could have made them in school today for Halloween :) No school tomorrow, so I will save it for next year. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are so cool, I really think the children would enjoy designing and making them. They look pretty straight forward too. Maybe they will also help foster children's attitudes towards reading. As a trainee teacher I'm looking for some inspiration and ideas to take into my own career. Thanks for sharing, it's an activity I will definitely try one day.

    I hope you can hop over to my blog too,
    All the best,

    Ben :)