Thursday, September 6, 2012

Guided Reading...for those high readers!

I really love to teach guided reading groups.  It is always interesting and you really get to see how every student is unique in how they learn and process all the information.  I like to see them make progress and move up reading levels and also REALLY comprehend what they are reading on another level.  Amazing. 

I know many teachers may have struggled with this question before like I have...What do I do with those high readers?  In second grade they are just not quite ready to start literature circles, but the daily small group guided reading is too slow and boring for them. 

I try to do something in between.  I still want to meet with them to make sure we aren't missing an important piece of their reading instruction, but I also want them to become independent and really connect with their reading. 

Here are a few ideas that I have used for those readers that are really ready to move beyond the small group guided reading.

I create a reading passport for these students.  We put their picture on the front. Every time they finish a book, they add the title to their passport.  In the passport, they can keep track of how many fiction and nonfiction books they read.  This passport can be used for all levels!


I meet with the group to introduce their book and have the discussions about predictions, unusual vocabulary, and any connections we might have.  Then they go on their own to read as a group to the assigned chapter and complete a portion of their Book Club Notes.  We always discuss ahead of time what the expectation is and what portion of the notes I will be looking for at our next meeting. They love the independence and take this very seriously!

I also like to provide something more for some of my other groups that are working above level, but not ready for this much independence.  I just continue with our regular guided reading groups, but have them use a small bookmark to add their thinking and summarizing.  I have a fiction or nonficiton bookmark. I add this to their book bag and they complete a portion at a time and bring it back to group for our discussions.
Sometimes I need a few reminders about asking those higher order thinking questions...for all my groups!   I like to keep this list of question starters in my guided reading binder to help me remember to push them to think about their thinking!

I can't wait to really get to work in my guided reading groups!



  1. Love this! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas!

  2. Thank you so much! I can really use the HOT questions for my reading groups!!!

  3. This is brilliant! I'm not a teacher. Just a parent of an advanced reader. He would love this. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thank you so much. I am really looking for ways to beef up the reading for my gifted students especially the younger ones. I think they will really like doing something like this!

  5. Thanks for sharing. Will use in my class of 6-7 year olds.

  6. Thanks. I plan to try some of this tomorrow.

  7. Love this! I taught 1st for 8 years and have recently moved to 2nd. This has always been my question: What can I do for higher readers. This is a great start and I can't wait to start Monday morning!

  8. These are GREAT ideas. Thank you so much for sharing!

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  10. really helpful and interactive.