Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reading With Meaning

I know I have previously explained how  I love the book Comprehension Connections, but here's another one that I use A LOT and love. You should get this book too!

Reading With Meaning  by- Debbie Miller

I have used this book so much that it is about to fall apart!  When I first started teaching guided reading, this was the book I always had in my hands. I love the lists that Debbie adds to the end of each section that shows the titles she uses to teach each comprehension strategy.  I have used her strategies and ideas a lot and have recreated some of her pages to help me out in the classroom.  As I was pulling out one of those pages to use for next week, I thought maybe I should share them!


Mental Images



Questioning Web


Story Map

I also added all of these pages to a flipchart.  I use the flipchart when I introduce the lessons and these pages to the students.  I also leave the flipchart up as a center for the students to write their thinking after they read.

Reading With Meaning Flipchart

I hope you find something here that you can use!

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