Sunday, September 30, 2012

Word Work

In my classroom we have been busy building our stamina for all of our Daily 5 stations.  The last one we are working on is the Word Work station. I was going through all of my word work things to get ready for that station and thought I should share what I have found!

I have a boggle board like this ready to go in my classroom.  I used this last year too.  The kids LOVE this one!

Here is the link to the awesome website where she has all the letters ready for you to print and use, as well as a recording sheet for the words they come up with.

I made a half sheet also for the kids to record their words. (Trying to save paper!)
I also love the different menus out there.  I am going to add some to my word work station.  Here is the link to another great site with a word work menu.
Here's another menu I found online:
I also found some great word work games that use dice.  I used these last year.  The class loved them...once we practiced rolling the dice so they didn't fly across the room. :)
I found this one online:

I was inspired by the dice game, so I created some more of my own to switch out at the word work station.  Here they are!

( I actually use this one at the work on writing station. )
Here's another activity I like to use at the word work station.  The students have to write the word, make the word (by using letter stamps, letter cubes, or wiki sticks), and then they have to write the word again.
I also use the Promethean Board as part of the word work station.  Promethean Planet has a lot of great flipcharts to download.  I added one of the really simple flipcharts that I found and edited.  I use it to get started with the word work station.
I hope you found something useful here to add to your word work station!

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